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Gangs of Metropolis - Man Of Steel
Gangs of Metropolis
Just a place for me to jot down some ideas I have for a post-intergang Metropolis underworld. Mostly a placeholder but if anyone's interested, I'm glad to discuss them.

Crime As A Whole: Metropolis, the City of Tomorrow, has not entierly surpassed ethnic-based gangs, but by and large in a post-Superman world, the old ways of running numbers and protecting turf have two ways to evolve: they either become so localized that they are under the radar of the Science Police, Superman, Black Lightning, the Guardian, Supergirl, and whoever else is in Metropolis at the moment, or they innovate. Like every other part of life in Metropolis, the majority of people have chosen to embrace innovation; gangs split along preferred methodologies more than anything, with vicious struggles between the mystics, futurists, cultists, pragmatists, anarchists, and everyone else. Intergang used to dominate Metropolis's underworld, but has receded in power in recent years, thanks to a crackdown on their ability to obtain and utilize alien technology.

Science Pirates: Just what it says-these thugs specialize in the abduction and redistribution of Metropolis's most prominant asset, cutting edge scientific innovation. Hovercrafts, jury rigged armor, secret subway trains, and similar. Lead by Captain Baud, an engineering student who started the gang as a way to research his thesis.

The Ostermanns: 50s style rugged movie science meets nihilism. Square jawed men in tight pants and smoking wooden pipes, with a pecking order based entierly on whom is capable of creating the deadliest weapon at any given moment. Despite catching the 'leader' several times, Superman and the Science Police have been unable to disperse this particular gang, and the current theory is that their real leadership isn't a person at all, but a set of memetic instructions that somehow writes itself into the mind of whoever is brilliantly murderous enough to be top dog at the moment.

Killa Club: Inspired by Japan's 'hip' suicide-obsessed subculture, the Club shares the sentiments that the only real way to leave an impression on an uncaring world is through death. The difference is that the Club wants to die in the most artistically destructive way possible. They recruit new members and work to arrange the deaths of those who have logged enough hours fighting for the cause to earn the end with artistic precision.

Junior Astrominers: Came together as a reaction to the Dominion war and the rise of ET Town(bad name?), Metropolis's newest ethnic neighborhood, a pressure cooker of the various alien species that have decided to, for whatever reason, immigrate to Earth. The Juniors, despite the goofy name, are deadly serious in their ambition to dominate the rackets in this exciting new market; some hold a Luthorian fear of the xeno, while others are simply fascinated with the aliens and believe that the best way to learn more about them is through exploitation.
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